Artistry in the Yoga Room – Hand-Painted Yoga Props

Artistry in the Yoga Room – Hand-Painted Yoga Props

Published by Kate Tripp on 29th Dec 2015

The yoga room is a place of intention, mindfulness, and order. Yoga students and teachers alike often speak of gravitating to studios that resonate for them on an aesthetic, as well as philosophical, level. If you build your day or week or life around coming into a specific room to do your practice, it is important that you want and like to be there. In other words, it really matters that your chosen space supports and inspires your yoga practice.

This is a concept that resonates deeply with all of us at Three Minute Egg. Our product design is intended to please and support yoga students both physically and visually. In his compelling book, The Shape of Design, Frank Chimero wisely writes “People ignore design that ignores people.” We agree. This month we’re proud to feature the beautiful work of someone else who understands this idea.

Finding Inspiration

Hand Painted Yoga Eggs by Artist Carolyn WolfeCarolyn Wolfe is a yogini, therapist, and self-professed ‘doodler’. During her recent 200-hour yoga teacher training, she one day decided to differentiate her own yoga props from those of her fellow trainees by sketching inspiring imagery on her items. “I drew a picture journal of my experience in YTT on my strap, capturing the process and what it was for me,” explained Wolfe.

It didn’t take long for the idea to catch fire among friends and fellow yoga students eager to share in her creations. One thing led to another and soon Wolfe was fulfilling commissions by sketching nature-inspired mandalas on yoga eggs. She soon connected with Three Minute Egg Inventor Jason Scholder and a philanthropy idea was born.

“I was trying to figure out a way to raise money for buildOn (a non-profit organization with a goal of breaking the cycle of poverty, illiteracy and low expectations through service learning programs in the U.S. and abroad) to build a school in Haiti as part of my teacher training, so the idea of selling my hand sketched yoga props worked out perfectly.” Wolfe’s unique creations for Three Minute Egg blend images from nature and the meditative practice of mandala drawing – an artistic embodiment of the universe. “I use a lot of organic images – feathers, birds, animals – and then draw mandalas within those broader shapes and outlines.” Fifty percent of each Painted Egg sale goes directly to buildOn.

Creating a Hand-Painted Yoga Egg

Hand Painted Yoga Eggs by Artist Carolyn WolfeWolfe says it takes it her 1-2 hours to hand sketch each egg. Although time consuming, she is thrilled with the results and takes care to turn the process into a meditative practice. “I play music, surrounding myself with mandala books, and get totally immersed in it.” Wolfe’s original fundraising goal for buildOn was $5,000, but the success of her artwork has pushed her beyond that and her teacher training class is now on the verge of gathering enough funds to be able to build not one but two schools. “It is super exciting,” says Wolfe, who flies to Haiti on January 31 to break ground with the local community in Port-au-Prince with whom she and her colleagues will sign a collaborative agreement committing to co-creating the new school…hopefully schools.

Without the care and attention of artists and visionaries, form and function fail to intertwine in delightful and inspiring ways that truly awaken us. We love that Carolyn Wolfe has brought her unique and artistic flavor to yoga eggs – not only because the results are beautiful, but because the origin was so simple and yet has become so meaningful. Picasso said “The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.” The same, one could argue, might just be said of yoga.

More Information 

Recently featured as a Yoga Journal Editor’s Pick, these special edition biodegradable ECO Eggs are available in 5 colors and in 4 hand-painted designs for a limited time. Each Egg has a custom design painted on both of its curved sides and 50% of your purchase of Painted Eggs goes to buildOn. 

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