Brighten Your Backbends

Brighten Your Backbends

Published by Three Minute Egg on 16th May 2016

The 3 Most Creative Ways to Use Egg-Shaped Yoga Blocks for Backbend Yoga Postures 

“I’m so grateful to have this versatile gem to serve up to my students. The possibilities are endless with the Three Minute Egg, which is exactly how I like my yoga: creative and accessible.” - Kathryn Budig 

1. Camel Pose

Tips for Camel Posture using ergonomic yoga blocks by Three Minute Egg

Camel pose can be a very gratifying backbend, partly because it’s so easy to cheat! One way to keep yourself honest is to drag your mat to the side of the room and do Ustrasana facing the wall. To better understand the placement of your hips in relationship to your legs, position 2-3 Eggs, flat sides touching, with the apex of the rounded side just below your hip bones. Let the opposite rounded side touch the wall. You will find this ergonomic Egg placement to be much more comfortable than pressing your hip bones into whatever hard surface the wall is made out of. Also, if you lean too far back, the Eggs will slip out of position, so you will find out immediately the importance of pressing your shins down into the floor and driving your hips forward toward the wall. 

2. Bow Pose

Tips for Bow Pose using ergonomic yoga blocks by Three Minute Egg

Variations of classic yoga postures help us see and feel the yoga postures in a new and exciting ways. Elevating the hips with Eggs in Dhanurasana helps us better understand and open the lower body. The support provided by the Eggs also helps us avoid putting too much pressure on the lumbar spine while still getting the full benefit of lengthening the fronts of the thighs and hips.

3. Wheel/Upward Facing Bow

Tips for Wheel Pose using ergonomic yoga blocks by Three Minute Egg

This is a terrific use of Eggs for opening the wrists and shoulders over time. If placing your hands flat in Urdhva Dhanurasana irritates your wrists or inhibits movement in your shoulders, try adding some Hard-Boiled Eggs! Make sure that you hold the Eggs with your wrists straight, three fingers on top, your thumb on one side, and pinky finger on the other side (pictured above). You can place the Eggs against a wall for added stability, or if a wall is not readily accessible to you, place some flat Eggs under the back tip of the rounded Eggs in your hands and allow those to secure your position. 

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