How to Boost Your Libido with Yoga

How to Boost Your Libido with Yoga

Published by Three Minute Egg on 28th Feb 2015

As we wrote recently, yoga can improve your sex life. It’s a fact, as a number of studies have proven. And it’s not because yoga is a way to exercise. Calling yoga an exercise is like calling a Three Minute Egg ® a foam yoga block. In other words, yoga is much more than simple physical training.

Start with a Daily Yoga Practice

If you don't have a regular yoga practice, you are missing the boat. You are the foam block in a sea of yoga eggs. And it’s not just a better sex life that you’re missing out on. Doing yoga leads to a healthier body, a more alert mind, and a larger bank account. OK, we made up that last one, but a regular yoga practice can change your life in a positive way.

Start slowly if you have to. Find a class for beginners, a yoga teacher you like or even a video that gives you the basics — although we really encourage you to get the personal attention that a real live yoga instructor can provide. However you get started, stick with it. Make time for it in your daily routine.

Yoga will strengthen your body and help you become more limber as it works to boost your libido. A daily yoga routine sharpens your mind while it improves your memory (and maybe even your imagination). You should be able to feel the difference in as little as one week, spurring you on to continue your practice.

Yoga Poses to Boost Your Libido

Reclining Bound Angle Pose with Three Minute Eggs

So be the yoga Egg, not the yoga block. Extend your arms and embrace the many different facets of yoga. Here are some poses that can help:

  • Bound Angle. This pose increases blood flow to your abdomen and reproductive organs, increasing your ability to become aroused. It also stretches the inner thighs and increases the range of external rotation of the hips. When held for time in a relaxed and supported way, this pose calms the nervous system, which can help in balancing hormones.
  • Cat-Cow. Alternating between Cat Pose and Cow Pose can be a great way to access your pelvic floor muscles. Pelvic Floor exercises (kegels) are often prescribed as a way to boost libido. Practicing Cat Cow with a relaxed and slow breathing pattern both strengthens and relaxes the pelvic floor and brings vitality to your sexual organs.
  • Eagle. Believe it or not, this pose is in the Kama Sutra, so it has to be good for your libido, right? Yes it is! One of the ways in which this pose is beneficial is that when you come out of this pose, blood (and according to yogis, also prana, or vital life force) rushes to your hips and genitals.
  • Bridge. Like Cat-Cow, you can access and exercise your pelvic floor in this pose. Generally, you will squeeze or lift your kegel muscles when in the pose and relax when you release the pose. Bridge Pose is also good for your hips and back.
  • Cobra. This pose opens your chest and energizes your whole body. It can also be helpful in shifting a negative mood. Our body functions better when we are feeling relaxed and at ease.
  • Downward Dog. Down Dog feels great. It eases tension in your legs and back and tones your whole body. The upside down element of the pose is great for circulation and for boosting energy. It also boosts endorphin levels, testosterone production, and your confidence!
  • Pigeon. This pose is a favorite for opening the hips and releasing tension. The wonderful stretch and relaxation you get from practicing Pigeon Pose allows circulation to flow through the hips, reproductive organs and lymphatic system which can help increase libido. Pigeon is a multi-tasking, multi-benefit pose.

Check out our Andasanas (Egg Postures) section of our website to read tips for practicing some of these yoga poses with your yoga Eggs. 

With Love,

Your friends at the Three Minute Egg ® — not just another foam yoga block. ;) 

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