How to Clean Your Three Minute Egg Yoga Blocks

How to Clean Your Three Minute Egg Yoga Blocks

Published by Three Minute Egg on 27th Mar 2015

Freshen Up Your Yoga Eggs with These Tips

Your Three Minute Eggs are special — they’re not your typical yoga block— so treat them with special care and they will last a long time. While the Eggs are here at “The Coop,” we take every precaution to keep them safe. And when we ship them to you, we pack them like, well, eggs.

Once you have your Three Minute Eggs, don’t just throw them in with all your other yoga equipment. Be good to them. Nurture them. All that love and devotion will imbue your Eggs with restorative powers, especially if you use them properly. With that in mind, let’s talk about how best to care for your Three Minute Egg yoga blocks.

How Often It’s Necessary

Your Three Minute Eggs are designed to fit naturally under your head, in your hands, between your arms and legs, under your back, and next to many other parts of your body. You can use them for anything that you would use a yoga block for and then some. They are lightweight and easy to carry — from your living room to your car and to the yoga studio. With all that use, though, your Eggs are bound to get a little dirty, just like the rest of your yoga equipment.

Now we don’t advise that you get fanatical about cleaning your Eggs after each use, but after a particularly intense (and sweaty) yoga class, consider an immediate cleaning. Regular cleaning, on the other hand, will keep your Eggs fresh as the day they were laid… er, made.

Don’t Sweat It

We’ve been trained to think that body odor is bad — and thus bad for us. It’s not. Besides, Three Minute Eggs are durable and made to withstand the most rigorous yoga routines. While mild body odor may accumulate on your Eggs, it does them no harm.

Your sweat is specific to you — your dog (or a really close friend) may recognize your Eggs by their smell. So your yoga equipment isn’t really full of germs when it develops your signature odor — it’s just full of “you,” courtesy of the billions of sweat glands in your body.

Good Dirty Yogi Germs

Of course, germs can invade any surface, including on your yoga equipment. To avoid getting sick, you should clean your Eggs occasionally. Keep in mind, however, that the microbes we tend to sanitize like crazy are mostly good for us. A healthy human body carries close to 90 trillion of them. Microbes outnumber human cells by about 10 to 1. They keep you healthy by tuning your immune system, aiding in digestion and helping your blood clot.

To destroy all those germs can actually be counter-productive. In fact, if you let your yoga equipment get a little dirty, you may have fewer allergies, infections and common germ-related infections. A healthy dose of good flora actually helps reduce an invasion of dangerous germs.

So sure, clean your yoga Eggs and your other yoga equipment, but don’t worry about disinfecting. Good old-fashioned soap and water gets rid of offending odors and enough of the potentially harmful germs to keep you safe.

A Recipe for Clean

Forget about using any cleaning products that contain petroleum-based solvents such as acetone and lacquer thinner. Simple is best. If germs freak you out, you may use disinfectant wipes, which won’t harm your Eggs. Even tiny amounts of cleaning solvents over a long period of time won’t harm your Eggs.

For your health and the health of your Three Minute Egg ® yoga blocks, we recommend the following method to clean your Eggs:

  • Mix a very small amount of liquid dish soap in water.
  • Wipe your Eggs with a sponge or cloth and the soapy water.
  • Rinse really well. Eggs won’t absorb water, but they tend to get slippery if soap residue is left behind.
  • Stand them on end to dry. Three Minute Eggs dry really fast.

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