​Improve Your Triangle Pose with These 3 Tips

​Improve Your Triangle Pose with These 3 Tips

Published by Three Minute Egg on 4th May 2016

One of our favorite benefits of using yoga props is how they both reveal and assist us in overcoming “blind spots” in our practice. Blind spots are simply places or actions of our asanas that we don’t see or can’t see. Yoga props benefit our practice by supporting our bodies in ways that help us learn more about each posture. Our Egg-shaped yoga blocks support the body comfortably by complementing the natural contours of the body (because your body’s NOT square!). Here are our top three favorite ways to use Eggs in Trikonasana, Triangle Pose.


A Yoga Egg supporting the lower hand will provide a firm foundation to ground into. This action facilitates optimal alignment in the spine as well as the shoulders, and enables the opposing arm to extend up toward the ceiling without sacrificing the open, elongated position of the torso and spine that Triangle Pose provides.

The Egg in your lifted hand provides an excellent visual queue to help with alignment. You can quickly identify the positioning of your arm and gauge your own alignment. Also, it is common to lose awareness of the arm that is lifted in Triangle Pose. Holding an Egg in this hand helps us maintain proprioception and awareness of the upper arm’s position.


A Yoga Egg wedged under the front section of the front foot helps protect and support the ankle joint. While pressing into the Egg with the foot, the muscles of the legs fire immediately, increasing awareness. From this point it becomes easier to create the opposite action of lengthening the leg down towards the floor, effectively straightening the knee, and at the same time drawing the thigh bone into the hip.


If there is a tendency to hyper-extend the knee of the front leg, place an Egg (or two) behind the front calf to support and maintain an optional micro-bend in the front knee. You may need to rest one Egg on another, Lego Style, to get enough support, and in so doing the pose has become both safer and stronger (pictured above).

If you would like more detailed instructions for practicing Triangle Pose with our Egg-shaped yoga blocks, read our Andasana (Egg Posture) article

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