Interesting Places (Other Than Your Yoga Studio) to Do Yoga

Interesting Places (Other Than Your Yoga Studio) to Do Yoga

Published by Three Minute Egg on 13th Mar 2015

With so many places to do yoga, where will you practice next?

It is no secret that we at Three Minute Egg ® love yoga. We also happen to live in the beautiful, yoga-friendly city of Asheville, North Carolina (Seriously, it’s awesome. Come visit!). So where do we practice yoga? Pretty much anywhere we can lay our mat. Most of us practice at home or at one of our local yoga studios, but in the summer we sometimes practice outdoors. Last year we caught Jason practicing in the warehouse when no one was looking! This inspired our series of Warehouse Yoga videos where Jason shares his tips and secrets for how to use the Eggs in some of his favorite poses. But I digress.

Wherever we take our yoga practice we always take our foam blocks — and by “blocks,” of course we mean yoga Eggs.

The last time our model, Carrie, visited Asheville, we found her doing yoga all over town!

Where to Do Yoga at Home

In the living room, on the kitchen counter, under the stairs, over Skype, in the shower, on the porch, in a walk-in closet or in front of a picture window, next to your desk, by the pool, if you’re lucky enough to have one… You can even do your yoga in bed!

Where to Do Yoga Indoors

There are buildings where yoga is expected and there are buildings where yoga is not. Try bringing your rubber yoga mat and your foam blocks (Eggs) to:

Work, the bank, a museum, the library, inside a historical building, under a tent, in a waiting room, at City Hall… maybe a classroom, or a barbershop, or a gift shop, or when you go shopping! Do yoga in church or temple, inside a treehouse, or the mall… How ‘bout a shoe store, a jewelry store, self-storage unit… at the movies, the back of a limo, on a plane or in your boss’s office!

Where to Do Yoga on the Go

Don’t abandon your yoga practice just because you’re traveling. Leave the old-fashioned foam blocks at home and take your travel-friendly yoga Eggs with you:

On your next vacation, to a luau, on a cruise ship, in a foreign country, on a frozen lake or a tropical island, on a sailboat, in a parking lot, at a car dealership, at a gas station, at a highway rest stop, in front of a fast-food restaurant, in the back of your pick-up, at the mechanic, at a bus stop, on the bus, on the subway, at the airport, in your hotel lobby, at a wedding, underwater, in the desert or at the end of a long day.

Where to Do Yoga When You’re Hungry

Yoga is compatible with a healthy lifestyle, which includes mealtime, right? For example:

In a grocery store, in a coffee shop, in a convenience store, while waiting in line, while stuck in traffic, at an all-you-can-eat buffet, in a four-star restaurant, on a farm, at a farmer’s market and at your company picnic.

Where to Do Yoga Outdoors

Sometimes, you just have to get out in the open and show the world your dedication. With our Egg-shaped foam blocks, yoga is fun no matter where you do it:

On the sidewalk, on a bridge, on a flat rock in the middle of nowhere, in a fountain, on the roof, in front of a car wash, out in a field, on a beach, on a surfboard, on a paddleboard, at the center of a labyrinth, at the zoo, at the aquarium, in a city park, in a National Park, on a park bench, at halftime of a football game, on top of a mountain, in a forest, on a dock, at a dog park, in a flower garden, by the bottom of a waterfall or at Rockefeller Center.

So what’s our point? That no matter where you go, there you are, and your yoga practice can be there with you.


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