KYOGAH Among First Canadian Studios to Utilize and Retail the Three Minute Egg®

KYOGAH Among First Canadian Studios to Utilize and Retail the Three Minute Egg®

Published by Three Minute Egg on 27th May 2012

Our Canadian family continues to grow with the addition of KYOGAH, a yoga studio with a mission to foster a community for students, teachers, and practitioners.

Located in Kelowna, BC, the studio “braids the three elements of Yoga, Healing & Welcome,” with a room dedicated to each strand. We’re so happy that KYOGAH has adopted the Egg into their unique approach to health and wellness.

In a recent review posted to their blog, KYOGAH raises issues we have commonly heard from others, as well, in using the traditional rectangular yoga blocks.There are three uses that they highlight in their comparison of the Egg vs. the rectangle.

1. Supported Supine Heart Opener—This is presented as the KYOGAH favorite of all yoga poses when incorporating the Egg. Without the corners of the rectangular block, the Egg allows for maximum comfort when placed between the shoulder blades and lying over it. They write that they are “loving this pose now because the Three Minute Egg supports the contours of your body.”

2. Mountain Pose—Often times students are taught to place a yoga block between their thighs to maximize engagement and sense the rotation of your femurs. In their practice, however, KYOGAH found that they prefer the Egg because it “is lightweight and easier to hold, and the shape of the Egg allows it to fit perfectly between the legs.” Add an additional Egg between the hands to engage the shoulders and maintain balance.

3. Supported Triangle/Side Angle/Ardha Chandrasana—It’s common to utilize a block to maintain an open chest rotation and an extended reach to the ground. With the Egg, however, KYOGAH writes that “its slight instability actually stops you from leaning too heavily on it.” They also point out that the lightness creates ease in holding onto it as you move into the pose, “rather than having to locate and adjust a heavy block afterward.” Altogether, the use of the Egg in this pose allows you to achieve “the height you need without losing the integrity of your core.”

We look forward to hearing more positive uses of the Eggs at the Kelowna yoga studio, and many thanks for the awesome review!

You can find them at 115 Guisachan Village, 2365 Gordon Drive, Suite #115. Stop by or give them a call at (778) 484-5511.

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