The Yoga Block vs. the Yoga Egg

The Yoga Block vs. the Yoga Egg

Published by Jason Scholder on 10th Jul 2015

Are you still using rectangular yoga blocks? Why? Your body’s NOT SQUARE!

A Block is a Block is a Block

SIZE: Yoga blocks vary in size a bit, but the industry standard dimensions are: 4” x 5.5” x 9”. They used to be thinner, but I never understood why. 3” is, in opinion, too narrow for a traditional yoga block. One manufacturer claims that the 5.5 x 9 inch surface is enough to sit on comfortably. I wish I had his/her tiny tuchus!

SHAPE: These three-dimensional rectangles sport beveled edges of varying consistencies and sometimes a logo to let you know who imported them from China.

COLORS: Although you may find other colors available, especially these days now that 3ME has blown open the color spectrum, the most popular colors are purple and blue.

MATERIALS: Blocks are mostly made of wood, foam or cork. They can be uncomfortably hard or unusably soft. Very few block manufacturers pay attention to how hard their blocks are. The more money you spend, the harder they tend to be, regardless of whether or not this is what you want.

But Yoga Eggs are Different:

  • Ergonomic Yoga Blocks by Three Minute Egg ®Yoga Eggs are curved to work miracles on the body.
  • Yoga Eggs are a good bit longer, the right amount narrower and deliberately lower. Both their innovative design and their practical proportions make the Yoga Eggs unique and of course, awesome!
  • Yoga Eggs currently come in two sizes (with more on the way). Namasteggs are the original size and Junior Eggs are a little bit smaller. Why? Because not all yogis (or yogiños) are the same size!
  • Yoga Eggs come in a whole bunch of colors because color affects our state of mind.
  • Yoga Eggs are available in a totally biodegradable ECO foam.
  • Yoga Eggs are 100% made in the USA!

Not All Foam Is Created Equal

As mentioned, yoga blocks are generally made from wood, cork or foam. The foam used to make yoga blocks makes them: lightweight, supportive, non-slip and inexpensive. When made from quality materials, they are built to last a long, long time. But you will probably find that the consistency varies greatly from brand to brand and until they’re in your hands, you won’t really know what you’re getting. In the years before inventing the Eggs, I touched a lot of blocks. I found a broad spectrum of qualities and densities. I still haven’t really found one that I truly like.

Three Minute Egg® yoga props are made from foam too, but we do the thinking for you.

  • We density-check each Egg
  • Sort them by quality
  • Provide enormous amounts of FREE information (link to buyer’s guide) so you can know which ones to buy.

Good For the Planet, Great For Your Practice

Eco Friendly Yoga Blocks by Three Minute Egg ®We even have an earth-friendly line of ECO Eggs, made from a uniquely patented biodegradable foam: Our American-made biodegradable foam Yoga Eggs are just as durable, lightweight, supportive, and non-slip as any other yoga block, but they’re better looking, exceedingly versatile, way more fun and they will only break down faster in a landfill setting. How cool is that?

We offer three distinct densities to match your needs:

  • Soft, for those practicing Restorative yoga
  • Medium, versatile enough to be used both restoratively and dynamically by most people
  • Hard-boiled, for weight-bearing poses, especially for yogis weighing 150 pounds or more

Blocks Are Boring

Colorful Yoga Blocks by Three Minute Egg ®Yoga blocks do one thing particularly well. The take on the properties of any flat surface and move it closer to your body. Yoga Blocks can help you:

  • Balance when you’re off-center
  • Reach the floor when you’re less flexible
  • Enable your child reach the cookies you’ve hidden in the upper cabinet.

Their rectangular shape provides a sturdy surface at three fixed heights to provide stability when you need it most. It aids your alignment while unburdening your body in poses you have trouble maintaining.

The biggest problem with blocks is that they can make you lazy. It’s almost as if they’re too stable. When used in standing postures, yoga blocks have the tendency to absorb too much of your weight, turning standing poses into semi-arm-balances, directing poorly aligned pounds into your shoulders and wrists, leading to possible injury.

An Egg in Your Hands is Worth Two Blocks on the Floor.

Our Yoga Eggs are ergonomically-designed to be held comfortably in your hands throughout your practice. This means they’re always exactly where you need them! By contrast, blocks have a tendency to be in the way, out of the way or too far away.

One Egg: Infinite Possibilities

Yoga Eggs are infinitely more versatile than yoga blocks and they help you become a better yogi, not a lazier one.

Many uses for Three Minute Egg ® ergonomic yoga blocks

  • Eggs on their round side help protect your wrists.
  • Eggs on end nestle perfectly into the heel-palm area of your hands giving you enough support to protect your back while maintaining enough mobility to remind you keep your focus on your legs.
  • Two flat Yoga Eggs placed in an open V-Shape on the floor make for one of the most comfortable meditation cushions you’ll find anywhere.
  • An Egg between your feet can help you determine when your feet are parallel.
  • An Egg between your shins can help you find weight imbalances in your posture.
  • An Egg between your thighs can help you learn the illusive but critical actions of moving your inner and outer thighs back in space.
  • An Egg between your hands can help facilitate significant elongation in your spine.
  • An Egg under your head can support the natural rotation of your neck.
  • Eggs under your forearms in down dog can protect your shoulders and help manage hyperextension of the elbows.
  • Eggs under the legs protect your knees.
  • The absolute best way to use an Egg (nothing does this better) is under your back.
  • Yogis like to measure the age of your body by determining the age of your spine. Nothing keeps the spine young like supported backbends. Whether done actively or passively, lying on Eggs can literally add years to your life.

Still Not Convinced?

To see the Yoga Eggs in action watch some of our free videos.
To learn step-by-step instructions on how to use the Eggs read some of our Andasanas.
To study yoga with the inventor of the Eggs come take one of our workshops.
To learn how to teach yoga with Eggs, attend one of our 3ME Yoga Teacher Trainings.

Try the Yoga Eggs for 30 days if you don’t agree they blow blocks out of the water, send ‘em back for a full refund (minus shipping). You’re gonna love the way Yoga Eggs make your feel. I guarantee it.

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