​What “Made in the USA” Means for Yoga Products

​What “Made in the USA” Means for Yoga Products

Published by Three Minute Egg on 3rd Apr 2015

In addition to “low fat” and “gluten free,” the catchphrase many people respond to these days is: “Made in the USA.” But what does it mean, exactly? Many new “Made in the USA” cars have parts that were manufactured overseas. What prevents a manufacturer, even of yoga products, from putting that tag on its line of clothing or props when only a piece of it actually is produced and created here in the States?

We can only speak for ourselves at Three Minute Egg ®, but when we say “Made in the USA,” we mean it. We follow the Federal Trade Commission’s definition of “Made in the USA.” According to the FTC, that means “all or virtually all” of a product is manufactured in the United States and “all or virtually all” of the materials used to make it come from America.

When it comes to yoga products in the marketplace, you have many choices. To some of you, “Made in the USA” doesn’t matter. But others have specifically asked us for a completely domestic product to support our local economy. While we can’t confirm what anyone else promotes as “Made in the USA,” we can assure you that our yoga Eggs meet the most stringent criteria for the tag — both legally and ethically.

It Takes a Village to Make an Egg

Like any product, our Egg-shaped yoga blocks require a great deal of labor to make. Behind every yoga Egg are the people we partner with and employ. So not only is the product itself “Made in the USA,” it is made by American hands working American jobs on American soil.

We’re proud of our commitment to provide jobs to Americans, and we’re proud to emboss the “Made in the USA” tag on our Eggs. We employ talented technicians and yoga enthusiasts in our small effort to build our domestic economy. From the yogini who answers our phones to the yogi packing the boxes and everyone in between, you can expect your Three Minute Eggs to be 100 percent American made.

An ECO Egg in Every Basket

In a process that began two years ago, Three Minute Egg ® has taken steps to dramatically reduce our carbon footprint. The first step was moving our manufacturing from China to our home state of North Carolina. As always, we try our best to minimize packaging and waste and therefore do not shrink-wrap any of our Eggs. In fact, many of our retail sets come pre-packed in our Signature Drawstring Backpack — so you can take them out of the box and directly to class.

In addition to being constructed from pure, unadulterated American materials, all of our ECO Eggs are 100 percent biodegradable. That doesn’t mean they’re any less durable than our classic Namasteggs; it just means they will break down faster in a landfill setting and that any waste created from the manufacturing process won’t take up space for long either.

So, choose “Made in the USA” yoga products and help make yourself and your country healthier. Better yet, choose “Made in the USA” and biodegradable yoga products and add some ECO Yoga Eggs to your basket of yoga props today.

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