What Your Favorite Three Minute Egg ® Color Says About You

What Your Favorite Three Minute Egg ® Color Says About You

Published by Three Minute Egg on 21st Aug 2015

Did you know that the colors you’re drawn to may reflect different aspects of your personality? Are you friendly or stubborn? Are you passionate or practical? The color of your Yoga Eggs may be giving you away.

Colors also correspond to different chakras or energy centers in the body. The color you choose, therefore, can give you a clue about where you are centered energetically or what you want to develop.

Yoga Egg Colors

Three Minute Egg® gives you lots of color choices when you buy your Yoga Eggs. Here’s a rundown on what your selections may be saying about you.

Charcoal Gray and Slate Gray: You are very physical, connected and grounded to the earth. Gray is a stabilizing influence, and it can provide firm support for any type of endeavor. In this case, your gray Eggs literally support you, since only our Hard-Boiled Eggs come in these shades.

Rose Red and Pink Adobe: Like the grays, these two colors are most closely aligned with the root chakra. Rose Red and Pink Adobe Yoga Eggs tell the world that you are passionate, practical, stable and vigorously alive. Carpe diem!

Orange: This color identifies you as very friendly and open. You feel comfortable in your skin and are willing to feel and express emotion. Your emotional honesty feels warm and inviting to others, making you appealing and easy to befriend.

Dijon and Gold: You are willful and practical. You may seem stubborn, but you realize the value of staying true to yourself. Your ambition might repel others who are less driven, but you’re excellent at setting and accomplishing goals.

Pink and Green: These two Yoga Egg colors align with the heart chakra. Therefore, you are warm, open and sensitive to the feelings and experiences of others. Your compassion might feel like a burden at times, but it is also a great gift.

Teal Green and Desert Sky Blue: Closely aligned with the throat chakra, these Yoga Egg colors show that you crave expression and communication. You find great joy in bridging the gap between the spiritual realm and the practical world, and this skill is not lost on others.

Purple: You have a very strong intuition that may intimidate others. Your understanding of the universe is beyond words and often hard to communicate. However, when you live life from your intuition, you can experience an unparalleled joy.

Color Awareness

Yoga is a receptive practice that not only reflects who you are, but whom you wish to become. Your favorite Three Minute Egg ® color, therefore, can show you what kind of energy you radiate, but also what kind of energy you wish to receive. And while it’s fun to discover what your color preferences mean, remember to take this information with a grain of salt. Like all other encompassing philosophies, these lessons don’t apply to everyone in every situation. Maybe you’re an exception to the rule. In fact, since you’re the one practicing yoga with yoga eggs, you’re already an exception to the rule! 

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