Studio Grade Special - Namastegg - ECO - Multipurpose - Set of 8

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STUDIO GRADE PRODUCTS are our B-grade products. They are unused and they function perfectly. However, they demonstrate some kind of aesthetic imperfection that causes them not to meet our very high standards for A-Grade (which is what we sell on the rest of our website). Studio Grade products are ideal for teachers, studios or people looking to save a little money. We can assure you that the blemishes are minor. In fact, most companies wouldn't even bother to separate them and you might not even notice! But we do, because we are a little ridiculous, and because we care. 

NOT SO FINE PRINT: All sales are final on anything in our "Special Offers" section. 

You can never have too many Eggs, but for two people practicing at home, eight… is enough. But what if you’re single?  Should you still consider buying 8 Eggs? Here are some reasons you might want this package:

  1. Bi-locating — if you want Eggs for home and Eggs for class (or work, or the car, or your partner’s house)
  2. Stiff joints — if you are less flexible and want to meditate at home, using the Eggs to provide perfect posture
  3. Good Feng Shui — you need colors that match the painting on the wall, and the couch, but they don’t go together until you introduce the Eggs, which tie the whole room together and solve all your decorating struggles as well as your yoga needs!

ECO Eggs are made with 100% biodegradable foam!

Yoga students, yoga teachers, yoga studios and people who prefer to practice yoga at home with their yoga DVDs all love Three Minute Egg yoga props. 

  • To see the Eggs in action, watch our videos.
  • To learn about specific postures, read our Andansanas (Egg postures) pages.
  • To learn which Eggs are right for you, check out our 3ME Buyer's Guide.

Note: When using our Egg-shaped yoga blocks in your practice, make sure your yoga mat is a sticky one. We have found that Jade Yoga Mats work best with our yoga Eggs.

Additional Details

8 Multipurpose ECO Eggs
What is an ECO Egg?:
ECO Eggs are 100% made in the USA with a special type of foam that is 100% biodegradable.
Wallet-Friendly Pricing:
The addition of the ECO Eggs to our product line is as much about our commitment to the environment as yours. Often times, eco-friendly products can run 20-30% more than their non-eco equivalents. ECO Eggs, however,
What is a Yoga Egg?:
Three Minute Egg is your One-Stop Yoga Prop. This new concept in yoga accessories combines the benefits of a yoga block, yoga bolster, yoga belt and yoga blanket, into one incredibly beautiful, versatile and easily transportable yoga tool.

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