Three Minute Egg ® Expressions for Yogis and Yoginis

For fun, we created some specialized words and phrases to eggs-plain and eggs-press the joys of using the Eggs in your yoga practice.  Delight your friends and astonish your yoga class with these select eggs-pressions.  If you create your own and want to share, contact us, and we’ll credit you and add them to this page!

3MEgos: Our amigos are people who use the Three Minute Egg® on a regular basis in their practice and in their classes. (The name “3MEgos” pays homage to one of our favorite fun movies.)

Egg-nostic: Someone who believes in the Three Minute Egg® but can’t decide which one is their favorite.

Egg-o-maniac: Someone who just can’t stop talking about how much they love the Three Minute Egg®.

Egg-o-trip: A vacation wherein you brought or bought the Three Minute Egg®. 

Eggs-cellency: A social class limited to those who own their own Eggs.

Eggs-centric: Someone who builds their entire yoga pratice around the Eggs.

Eggs-ecutive: A person who takes their Eggs to work with them.

Eggs-empt: Being forgiven for not yet having acquired Eggs of your own.

Eggs-ercise: Any form of movement done in conjunction with the Three Minute Egg®.

Eggs-hibitionist: Someone who uses their Three Minute Eggs in public.

Eggs-huberance: The feeling of bliss you feel immediately after using your Three Minute Egg®.

Eggs-istentialism: The belief that the Three Minute Egg® came first.

Eggs-orcism: Spontaneous healing caused by Three Minute Egg®.

Eggs-orcist: Someone who removes your pain by showing you how best to use the Three Minute Egg®.

Eggs-otica: The performance of rare, advanced, and beautiful poses with the Three Minute Egg®.

Eggs-perience: The sum total of knowledge gained from using the Three Minute Egg®.

Eggs-pert: Someone who has mastered the Three Minute Egg® and understands its unlimited potential.

Eggs-pletive: Spontaneous outbursts of joy caused by using Eggs

Eggs-ploring: Trying something for the first time with your Eggs.

Eggs-tasy: The way you'll feel after using Eggs.

Eggs-temporaneous: Using the Three Minute Egg® the first time you see it without preparing first.

Eggs-tinct: What's going to happen to the rectangular yoga block.

Eggs-tra-terrestrial: Anyone who’s had an out-of-this-world encounter with the Three Minute Egg®.

Eggs-tropysicist: Someone trying to prove that the univers is Egg-shaped!

Egg-tavist: A person, usually a yoga teacher, who tries to get everyone to use Eggs.

Eggs-patriate: Someone who left their blocks behind and became a citizen of Egg Land.

Poly-eggory: The desire to practice yoga with more than one Egg.

Got any Eggspressions of your own? Let us know!

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