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Introducing the Jumbo Egg!

Let’s face it. Size matters. And when it comes to yoga, having the right size Egg for the postures you want to practice means everything. The Eggs should fit comfortable in your hands and conform effortlessly to the dimensions of your body. After all, yoga shouldn’t just be something that makes you limber. Done right, your practice should leave your body, mind and spirit feeling very deeply unified and at peace. That’s why we’ve created the Jumbo Egg!

Jumbo Egg Features:

  • Comfort
  • Support
  • Hard & Soft Densities
  • Ease of Use
  • Lightweight
  • Durability
  • Affordability

How Big is it?

The Jumbo Egg is just over 13” long, about 5” tall, and a luxurious 4” thick. It’s designed for bigger bodies (5’10” and taller, and anyone over 180lbs). The length of the harder Eggs really comes into play during standing poses, where taller people need taller props, and arm-balancing poses (including things like lunges and Up-Dog, when our hands need to be forward enough on the Egg that the Egg tips forward, protecting the wrist. The longer soft Eggs support even more of the spine than Namasteggs and Junior Eggs, and they also provide a slightly deeper supported back-bend.

How Hard is it?

TheJumbo Egg comes in two densities: Hard-Boiled, for weight-bearing poses (when the Eggs are in your hands and your weight is on the Eggs, you want Hard-Boiled Eggs); and Soft-Boiled, for restorative postures (because when you plan on resting in a pose for a while, you deserve to be comfortable!)

How Many Do I Need?

Hard-Boiled You for sure need at least 2 Hard-boiled Jumbos — one for each hand or foot
Soft-Boiled You 
ideally somewhere between 2-4 Soft-Boiled Restorative Jumbos. It’s nice to have 2-3 Eggs behind your back, and at least one under your head — Depending on your degree of Flexibility.

Why Are Eggs Better Than Bolsters?

Bolsters are like old mattresses. They feel soft and inviting at first, but the longer you lay there, the more uncomfortable they become, and they begin to harden and get heavier over time. Bolsters have a way of collapsing where you need support and bulging where you need space. Also, getting the exact right bolster set-up can be at best laborious and time-consuming, and at worst, impossible. Conversely, once you understand the Eggs, setting them up as needed is quick and painless. If you’re a teacher, it is very quick and easy to instruct with Eggs! Gone is the complicated folding and refolding of blankets. Usher in this new era where Eggs can literally do it all!

Product Info

JUMBO EGGS are made in the USA with our Classic foam! 


13" x 5" x 4" 

Additional Details

1 Restorative Jumbo Egg
What is a Yoga Egg?:
Three Minute Egg is your One-Stop Yoga Prop. This new concept in yoga accessories combines the benefits of a yoga block, yoga bolster, yoga belt and yoga blanket, into one incredibly beautiful, versatile and easily transportable yoga tool.

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