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Learn Egg Postures

Andasanas: Three Minute Egg® Yoga Postures

triangle-pose-300x273.jpg“Andasana” is a neo-ancient Sanskrit term that combines the roots “anda” (egg) with “asana” (posture). Transposed, the word “asananda” can be interpreted as “blissful posture” (“ananda” = bliss; “asana” = posture).

Andasanas, then, are yoga postures that have been made more accessible with the Three Minute Egg®. Check out some awesome examples below.

ATTENTION: Supporting your practice with these instructions may lead to Total Eggstasy!

The instructions for every Andasana includes Where To, Why To, How To, and When Not To guidelines. For a more direct and intense Eggsperience, attend or host a Three Minute Egg® workshop.