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NYOB - 10"
The 10" NYOB is ideal for smaller people and for yogis who are either more flexible bending forward or less flexible bending backward. This product most closely resembles the traditional yoga block in size, but the patented curve of the NYOB opens doors and bodies in a whole new way. With the pair of NYOBs included in this package, your practice will be off to a great new start!

This new innovation from Three Minute Egg combines:
The Comfort of an Egg with the Stability of a Block. 

NYOB Features:

  • Comfort
  • Stability
  • Support
  • Versatility

What Makes the NYOB So Special?

Using the right size and shape of a prop is crucial to practicing safe and effective yoga postures. Unlike conventional yoga blocks, the NYOB is curved on the long sides to allow for hand and body positions that are not 90°. The flat ends and face of the NYOB allow for stable support you’d get from the traditional block, while the ergonomically designed curved sides enable you to benefit from the perfect prop position every time!

In short, the NYOB repositions itself to accommodate the natural curves of the human form. Rectangular blocks can’t do this — Because Your Body’s Not Square! 

Rectangular blocks are designed to mimic the shape of the room, but the NYOBs are designed to accommodate the shape of your body. The room isn’t the one doing yoga. You are. That’s why you need a yoga prop that is specifically designed for you!

Why do we offer the NYOB in multiple sizes:

Different sized bodies require different sized props. The same can be said for people with different ranges of motion.

  • 10” NYOB: Ideal for smaller people and for yogis who are either more flexible bending forward or less flexible bending backward
  • 13” NYOB: If you’re moderately flexible, the 13” NYOB will give you the support you need whether bending forward, backward or sideways! This also makes an excellent platform for meditation and other seated postures.
  • 16” NYOB: Perfect for taller yogis, and for those who are less flexible in forward bends but more flexible in backward bending poses.

We suggest 2 of each size so you can support as many postures as possible.

Why get all 3 sizes?

Not all poses need the same amount of support, and some days we’re more flexible than others. Having multiple NYOB sizes on hand will ensure that you always have the best option for your immediate needs… No matter what your favorite pose might be!

How Many Do I Need?

You have two arms, two legs and your body is symmetrical. In order to support your practice most efficiently, we recommend have at two NYOBs, whichever size you decide is right for you.

Manufacturing details

All NYOB props are made out of a solid piece of 4” foam.
The NYOB is MADE IN THE USA and patented in the USA and abroad. 
All colorful NYOBs are made from a 100% biodegradable patented foam.We suggest 2 of each size so you can support as many postures as possible.

Change the way you support your practice and Eliminate clutter by bringing this all-in-one yoga prop to your mat!

1 Review

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    Published by pat howson on 4th May 2020

    I find the foam quite a bit harder than other foam blocks...too hard on my but

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