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Three Minute Egg

Buyer's Guide

Now that you’ve decided you want some yoga Eggs, you probably have a few questions. Can I get any colors I want? Why are there different densities? Is there a discount if I buy in bulk? All these questions and more are answered in this comprehensive guide. If there's anything we've missed, please let us know!

Personal Practice

If you don't like reading and you trust total strangers... who invent things... that you want to buy... order the Breakfast of Yogis and then watch our videos and read our blogs until the mail arrives. This no regrets package will give you everything you need: 2 Hard-Boiled Namasteggs to support an invigorating dynamic practice; and 4 of the softer, more comfortable, Multi-purpose Eggs, to support your yin and restorative postures. You can also download our Egg 101: Healthy Alignment for Yoga video if you want a well-rounded 27-minute practice you can do every day.

Breakfast of Yogis 



Teachers and Studios

Yoga teachers and studios can save money by buying in bulk. Our prices drop at 12-Eggs and again at 24-Eggs. The number of Eggs you'll need depends on how many students you're trying to accommodate. 2-6 Eggs per student is standard depending on what you're planning to teach. We recommend ordering our Yin Yang sets. This combination follows the golden ratio of 2 Hard-Boiled & 4 Multi-Purpose Eggs. 

*** If you are primarily using Eggs for dynamic postures, where the Eggs are in your hands and your weight is on the Eggs, you will want Hard-Boiled Eggs. If you're mostly planning on restorative applications, you'll want the Multi-Purpose Eggs. If you are teaching mostly petite bodies (5'5" or smaller), Junior Eggs will be ideal for you. Please don't hesitate to Call Us or Email Us to customize your order. 

If you're on a budget or if you just want to keep it simple, get 2 Multi-Purpose Eggs for each student and go make a smoothie. :-)



Keep reading for more information about our unique yoga props! 

Three Minute Egg® Color Selection



Density Guidelines

We currently offer 2 densities in both Namastegg and Junior Sizes. 

  • Multipurpose - These Eggs are soft enough for restorative postures and firm enough to support your weight in standing poses. This is a popular choice for studios who want to simplify their offerings and aren't using Eggs for inversions or full weight-bearing postures (like arm balances). Recommended 2-8 Eggs per person. >> Shop Here
  • Hard-Boiled Eggs- Ideal for Sun Salutations and all weight-bearing postures. Not recommended for restorative or supported backbends. Critical for anyone over 170 lbs. Recommended: 2-4 Eggs per person (not currently available in ECO). >> Shop Here

Size Guidelines

  • Namasteggs The Namastegg is our flagship product and it is ideally sized for bodies over 5'5" (165 cm). The length of the Multi-Purpose Egg comes into play most noticeably during restorative postures where the Eggs are supporting the back/spine. The length of the Hard-Boiled Namasteggs comes into play because of the angle at which you can tip the Namastegg, thus protecting the wrists. Multipurpose Namasteggs come in all available colors other than Gray. Hard-Boiled Eggs come in both dark and light gray. >> Shop Here 
  • namastegg-and-junior-desert-sky-2.jpgJunior Eggs are ideally sized for bodies under 5'5" (165 cm). Multipurpose Junior Eggs come in all available colors other than Gray. Hard-Boiled Junior Eggs come in both dark and light gray. Hard-Boiled Junior Eggs are awesome under the feet when used to elevate either the heel or the ball of the foot. For hand-held weight-bearing postures, it is recommended that everyone use Hard-Boiled Namasteggs. The angle at which you can tip the Namastegg helps protect the wrists. Junior Eggs are a couple of inches shorter than Namasteggs and proportionately smaller in other dimensions. Their thickness is the same as that of the Namastegg. Junior Eggs are ideal for kids yoga, or anyone with a smaller frame. If you enjoy laying on your back with your legs up the wall, the Junior Egg fits most bodies perfectly. Even some taller people prefer Junior Eggs in "Legs Up the Wall" pose. Juniors are also recommended for seniors and people with less mobility in their spine. Their smaller size makes supported backbends more accessible. All studios should have at least a half-dozen Junior Eggs, and of course more is always better if you have large classes. You should be thinking 2-6 Juniors per student who needs them. Learn about the origins of Junior Eggs on our blog. >> Shop Here

Foam Type Guidelines

Eco Eggs are made with a fully patented 100% biodegradable foam. They are specifically designed to break down most efficiently in a landfill setting. This means that while the Eggs themselves and any foam waste leftover from manufacturing will disappear much faster in the earth, they will last every bit as long during everyday use. All of our ECO products are marked with the word "ECO." ECO Eggs are available in all colors except Gray (Slate & Charcoal) and as part of a Yin Yang set with Hard-Boiled Eggs. >> Shop Here 

Branded Eggs


Branded Eggs offer Three Minute Egg® an opportunity to partner with you for our mutual benefit. Your logo goes on one side, ours goes on the other, and together we promote each other’s brands. To learn more about this opportunity, check out our page dedicated to Branded Eggs. >> Contact Us For More Info


Instructional Videos

Our Egg 101: Healthy Alignment for Yoga video download is a terrific introduction to Three Minute Egg ®. This instructional video, is now available as downloadable content so you can always have it with you where ever you go! The practice is 27 minutes long and will teach you 20 ways to get comfortable using the Eggs. It is suitable for all levels of yoga practitioners. There are a few poses that may prove challenging at first but there’s no need to be discouraged. You can modify or work on them slowly and look forward to learning them over time. Egg 101: Healthy Alignment for Yoga is designed to be an accessible yoga routine you can do every day.  >> Shop Here 

Duffle Bags

Duffle Bags are ideal for teachers on the go. They have been custom-designed to hold 12, 24 & 36 Eggs and come in 3 different colors. >> Shop Here


Yin Yang Sets

four-by-four-eco-gold-charcoal.jpgNow that you understand the differences, what should you actually buy? The best deals going (and our top sellers these days) can be found in our Yin & Yang section. The most popular of these is the Breakfast of Yogis. This package comes with 2 Hard-Boiled Eggs (Slate & Charcoal Gray only) and 4 Multipurpose Eggs (in your choice of available colors). With this specially-priced package, you will receive everything you need to practice any type of yoga. If you need more Eggs, you can look at the Egg Limbs of Yoga and the Four by Four

Here’s what makes these Yin Yang Yoga packs such a good idea. Should you require more than the 2 Hard-Boiled Eggs you would use for your Ashtanga, Vinyasa, or Iyengar practice, you may supplement with Multipurpose Eggs. Because the majority of your weight will not be on these extra Eggs, their softer density will not be a factor. Similarly, should you desire more support in your Restorative or Yin practice than 4 Eggs can provide, your Hard-Boiled Eggs can be used in ways that their increased hardness won’t bother you. If you are injured, older and wiser, or less flexible, you might even consider increasing your Yin Yang collection to include 8 or 9 Eggs. 

You will notice that in spite of all this sage advice, we still offer Eggs in other combinations. That is because we are here for you, and you may have different desires than what we have outlined here. Whatever you decide and whatever you order, we are confident you will love your Eggs and that they will inspire, if not revolutionize, your yoga practice. Please don’t hesitate to email or call us with your questions. We welcome the opportunity to speak with our customers and if there’s anything we can do to help you, we hope you’ll give us that chance. 

>> Shop Yin Yang Sets



Wholesale Eggs

Yes, we offer wholesale pricing! Experience has taught us that if you use Eggs in your classes, students will want to own them for themselves. We highly recommend planning on having 2–4 Eggs per person (for studio use) for Ashtanga, Vinyasa, and Iyengar style classes, and 4–6 Eggs per person for Yin, Restorative, Senior, and Therapeutic yoga. If you intend to use the Eggs in both dynamic and restorative classes, you might want to order from the Yin & Yang selections. If you are teaching both Yin and Yang style classes, the ratio of Eggs you buy for your studio should generally be 4 Multipurpose Eggs for every 2 Hard-Boiled Eggs. Let us know in an email or in your order comments if you want something different. It is nice to have some Junior Eggs in the mix as well! Whatever you decide, you won’t regret it! 

>> Contact Us About Selling Eggs

Thank you for making Three Minute Egg® a part of your practice.