Workshop Descriptions

seated-meditation-z-3minegg-0427-300x300.jpgGet Eggsperienced!

Explore the hidden treasures of yoga’s only one-stop prop. Strengthen, balance, restore and smile your way through this all-levels introductory class. Leave knowing you can begin, evolve, and revitalize your practice in an infinite number of new ways.

Happy Back: Lengthen & Strengthen

Back pain is something most of us experience at some point in our lives, and we’d all rather live without. Improve posture, build strength and create a practice you can maintain over time without pain. (NOTE: These classes are usually taught in 2 parts.)

hanging-in-balance.jpgGrow Your Flow

Break down Sun Salutations to better understand their parts, and watch them grow as a whole. Learn techniques for supporting safe alignment, mastering jump-throughs, facilitating and transitions, and eliminating bad habits that creep in over time. The Eggs will never leave your hands and they will forever deepen your practice. After you reach the top of the mountain you’ll be invited to balance there and admire the view.

Yin to the Night

Settle into bliss as you steep in a nourishing series of yin and restorative postures supported by the only prop ergonomically designed to nurture the human form. What makes the Eggs so amazing for Restorative yoga? Because your body’s NOT square! Just because you’re comfortable doesn’t mean it’s not yoga.

supta-baddha-thin.jpgBasic Training Teaser

Learn the basics of teaching with Eggs in this 3-hour Teacher Training Teaser. Gain insight into the wisdom behind the Egg’s shape, understand how it’s design protects and supports the body, and start discovering what to look for in others when they practice with Eggs.






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