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The Art of Andasana — Three Minute Egg® Workshop Overview

yoga-harmony-nashville17.jpg3ME inventor Jason Scholder leads Three Minute Egg® workshops worldwide. These classes, along with videos and instructional writings, teach what we call The Art of Andasana.

“Anda” is Sanskrit for ‘Egg,’ and “Asana” means ‘Posture.’ (The direct translation for “Asana” is actually ‘seat,’ but the use of the word has evolved, and it is presently translated as ‘Posture’). Loosely translated then, “Andasana” means Egg-Posture and even more loosely: ‘Egg Yoga.’

3ME offers four types of workshops:

  • Get Eggsperienced!: Introductory class open to yogis of all levels — including teachers and studio owners.
  • Continuing Egg-ducation: These classes go into greater depth on integrating the Eggs into various styles and sequences.  Open to yogis of all levels — including teachers and studio owners.
    • Get Eggsperienced — Get to know the Egg and Why It’s Awesome
    • Happy Back Lengthening — Opening up the Whole Spine
    • Happy Back Strengthening — Now That You’re Longer, Get Stronger!
    • Grow Your Flow — Sun Salutation breakdown.
    • Yin to the Night — Long Slow Deep Stretch Practice
    • Rest in Peace — Restorative Poses to Bring Better Sleep
    • Hang in the Balance — Arm-balancing Poses – Advanced
  • Master Classes: Teacher-only 3-hour intensive workshops designed to educate teachers and studio owners on how to use and teach with the Eggs. They move through poses and applications quickly in order to instruct the principles of how the Eggs are applied in classes: why to use them, how to use them and when to use them.
    • Basic Training Teaser — Introduction to 3ME Teacher Training – Learn to Teach with Eggs
  • 3ME Yoga Teacher Training: Intensive weekends geared toward teachers who want to start teaching with Eggs. There will be three levels offered, each containing about 15 hours of instruction. Intended for teachers and studio owners. Advanced students welcome.
    • Level 1 — Basic Training — Learn to practice dozens of postures with Eggs. Leave ready to start incorporating Eggs into classes
    • Level 2 — Workshop Warrior — Increase your understanding of the Eggs enough to offer weekend workshops and Egg-centric Yoga classes
    • Level 3 — Eggspert Status — Become a 3ME teacher of teachers. Exhibit a mastery of Eggsentials and learn the skills needed to start training other teachers to teach with Eggs.

About Jason

jason-with-eggs.jpgAfter years of doing yoga and a lifetime of back pain, Jason Scholder crafted his first “Egg.” The goal was to make the practices he needed more accessible to his body. Together with numerous yoga masters he’s developed an expanding line of Three Minute Egg® products and style of Egg-centric Yoga anyone can enjoy. Jason is a Yoga Alliance certified 200 RYT and visits Egg-friendly studios around the world training teachers and inspiring students to modify and challenge their practices in an infinite number of creative new ways with Eggs.

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